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Happy birthday @pendots768! Love you

Taylor Alexander

Her name is a mystery, I wonder if shes into me. Her beautiful eyes draw me in, i’m starting to wonder if this is sin, but that doesn’t matter for she is here now. her hair is bright, short and shes fun to speak with, I think this girl knows my weakness. her lips are red and got me wanting, I gotta tell her or risk her walking. her body is perfect, this I see, to be with her my wish would be. I want to feel every curve, I want to know her every urge. she may be quiet but cute as hell, her thoughts of me I cant tell. so for now I write away, but to be with her….maybe one day

Taylor Alexander

a beautiful young lady, with bright hair, the color of the sun when it rises in the air, her smile so lovely it makes me weak, i think about her lips and the kiss that I seek. Her body is art, its a battle to control my erg, my lips should be meeting her every curve. so much more I want to say. but we must wait another day.


I’m at this game shop but I wish I knew if there was a sale on

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when there’s no food in the fridge


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